All about bras


Bra is the basiс of the female wardrobe. It should be not only convenient, but also beautiful.  Let's talk about how to choose the right form of bra taking into account the characteristics of the shape. Let's define what kinds of bra exists and how they differ from each other.  Follow link you can find information about choice of the best dress for any ocassion.

Classic: cups maximum close the breast, thin underwires at the base of the brassiere, foam seals of minimum thickness, or absent altogether.

Push-up: cups of triangular shape have dense material foam or silicone to give a lush form.

Minimizer: cups slightly separated the sides, have rigid shackle and transverse seams, foam tabs are missing. The main purpose is to make breasts visually smaller.

"Angelica" or balconette: special form of cups and their rigid structure well supports the breast, completely opening its top. Thanks to removable, wide apart straps it is perfect for revealing dresses and deep necklines.

Corbeil: similar to "Angelica", but less open cup, and the neckline is narrower.

Bustier: corset with soft cups on underwires and  with removable straps. Slightly shrinks the waist, making the upper part of the body more beautiful and neat.

Brasier: open cup covers only nipples and gently squeezes the breast, making it fuller.

Silicone: shoulder and straps are absent, silicone cups are connected by a transparent clasp.

With soft cups: cloth of cup closes the chest fully and smoothly turns into the strap. Forming effect is minimal, but this is the most comfortable model.


Owners of lush forms fits classic bra and models with soft cups and wide straps. Do you want to make your breasts visually less?  Buy minimizer!

Girls with small breasts should pay attention to the Corbeil model. If a small bust combined with "rectangular" type of shape, choose push-up, brasier.

For "pear-shaped" type of figure push-up bras are perfect.

Balconette and Angelica models look great on the slender beauties with breast C and above, as well as on the owners of hourglass shape.

Girls with small breasts and “apple” shape will fit push-up and balconette. 

Bustier is gorgeous on any breast and makes it more attractive.

Trying any of these models, consider all your preferences and do not forget about convenience!